Cyprus participates with Greece with which it shares sea borders, in the European Territorial Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Greece-Cyprus 2007-2013. The said Cross-Border Cooperation Programme covers three regions in Greece (Crete, North Aegean and part of the South Aegean) and the whole country of Cyprus. The Programme will cover the period 2007-2013.

The main goal of the Programme is to promote the area as a hub for sustainable development in the wider region of the South-East Mediterranean in the direction of enhancing competitiveness in the cooperation area.

The total budget of the Programme amounts to around 56 million euro, out of which 45 million is Community contribution through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The ERDF co-financing rate for the approved projects is 80%.

The bodies eligible for funding (beneficiaries) under the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Greece-Cyprus 2007-2013 are public authorities, local and regional authorities, bodies governed by public law and private non-profit making organisations under specific conditions.

Three priority axes have been identified for the Programme: (1) Improving competitiveness in the cooperation area, (2) Protecting and enhancing the natural and cultural environment and (3) Strengthening the safety of the cooperation area and improving accessibility to information networks and communication.

The Programme is managed by a Managing Authority which is the Special Unit on Managing the European Territorial Objective Programmes under the Ministry of Finance, Competitiveness and Maritime in Greece. In addition an Information Office has been set up in the premises of the Planning Bureau in Cyprus.

Programming Period