The Cross-border Cooperation Programme ENPI Mediterranean Sea Basin (ENPI-Med) aims at promoting the sustainable and harmonious cooperation process at the Mediterranean Basin level by dealing with the common challenges and enhancing its endogenous potentials. The Programme will cover the period 2007-2013.

Cyprus participates in the Programme together with Israel, Lebanon, Malta and the Palestinian Authority and eligible territories of Egypt, France, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Portugal, Spain, Syria and Tunisia.

The total budget of the Programme amounts to approximately 189 million euro and the co-financing rate from the European Union for the approved projects reaches up to 90%.
The bodies eligible for funding (beneficiaries) under the ENPI-Med Programme are public bodies, local and regional authorities, bodies governed by public law, bodies governed by private law (under certain conditions) and international organisations.

The Programme identified four priorities: (1) Promotion of socio-economic development and enhancement of territories, (2) Promotion of environmental sustainability at the basin level, (3) Promotion of better conditions and modalities for ensuring the mobility of persons, goods and capitals and (4) Promotion of cultural dialogue and local governance.

The Autonomous Region of Sardinia in Italy has been appointed as the Joint Managing Authority of the Programme. Two Branch Offices support the management of the Programme situated in Valencia and Aqaba.

Programming Period