“Immigration and the Social Welfare State: Implications for Policy-Making” seminar

The European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) is pleased to announce a forthcoming new seminar called “Immigration and the Social Welfare State: Implications for Policy-Making”. The seminar will take place in Maastricht, the Netherlands, on 21 – 22 September 2009 and will be conducted in English.

Please find attached general information about the seminar.

Further and up-to-date information on this seminar can also be found on EIPA’s website: http://www.eipa.eu/en/home/ click on Training and Research) or use the following link: http://www.eipa.eu/en/activities/show/&tid=3353.

For further information on the practical organisation of the seminar, please contact Ms Nicolette Brouwers (tel.: +31.43.3296.245; fax: +31.43.3296.296; e-mail: n.brouwers@eipa.eu), who will provide you with any details you may require.