Training for young academics from ESPON 2007-2013

The ESPON Coordination Unit (CU) offers a five-month period of training for young academics in the final stage of their university studies in spatial development and planning, geography, regional economics, European studies, political science and/or other fields related to territorial development.

The work in the CU is organised in three clusters each dealing with a key area of the implementation of the ESPON 2013 Programme: 1) programme, finance and budget, 2) project development and coordination and 3) capitalisation, publication and analysis. During the traineeship period one of the trainees will be involved mainly in tasks from the cluster related to finance and budget and the cluster on capitalisation of ESPON results. The second trainee’s work will be connected more to the project development cluster.

Please note that an allowance of 1000 Euro per month will be available. It should be treated as an indemnity to support your living expenses while training at the ESPON CU.

Deadline for submitting an application is Tuesday 22 September 2009, at 13.00 CET.

You can get further information about the job and the ESPON Coordination Unit by contacting the current trainee, Máté Pecze (e-mail:, Tel.: +352 54 55 80 692) and at the following address: